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Migrant cap will harm care

The immigration cap proposed by the Government virtually excludes doctors from non-EU countries from working and training in the UK. It only adds to the current chaos and the perception of a lack of workforce planning across the NHS.

These changes have the potential to seriously undermine patient care.

Immigration policies have consistently been out of sync with the realities on the ground. I dread the impact of any such monthly caps on rotas of doctors. In general practice, it could have far-reaching consequences, adversely affecting the ability to meet workload and provide continuity of care.

General practice and hospitals have faced significant shortages in the last couple of years since the visa rules brought in by the previous government have started to take effect. This Government has chosen to ignore a potential crisis.

We need a fair, consistent policy. Is an effective and transparent strategy to deliver the workforce that is needed really too much to ask for?

From Dr Kamal Sidhu
Blackhall and Peterlee