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Overpaid? We deserve every penny

We have to ask ourselves what exactly is the motivation behind senior NHS managers’ call for the GP contract to be renegotiated.

(NHS managers call for new GP contract)

The main reason they want the current contract ‘torn up’ is because, for first time, GPs have been adequately remunerated for what they do commensurate with other professionals and nobody likes it. We are supposed to be GPs only as a vocation and the business side is denigrated as being ‘evil’ and not why we became GPs. Money and illness don’t sit well together and ridiculous comments in the Daily Wail do little to help matters.

Income has steadily declined since the introduction of the new contract and will continue to fall back to pre-contract days at this rate, making becoming a GP a very unattractive option once again.

We are our own worst enemies as we seem to feel guilty if we earn a decent salary, as if we for some reason don’t deserve it.

Wake up, out there – we deserve every penny and more!

From Dr Gillian Anne Breese
Llandudno, Wales