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‘Push Doctor’s advertising of NHS GPs is misleading’

We are disturbed to see posters on the London Underground advertising ‘Push Doctor’ claiming to be the ‘UKs most popular on line doctor service’ and that ‘you can access an NHS GP whenever you want’.

These doctors may well work some of the time in the NHS but this service is private. It is not apparent from the advert, but when one tries to book an appointment one is informed that a ten minute appointment costs £20.

The NHS is the most cost effective health care system in the developed world but is being systematically destroyed by this government.

We are NHS GPs and know that enterprises such as Push Doctor can only flourish because of the crisis in general practice brought about by deliberate underfunding.

It is misleading of Push Doctor not to make it explicit in their advertisements that this is a fee paying service and we have submitted a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Dr David Wrigley, Chair, Doctors in Unite

Dr Jackie Applebee and Dr Coral Jones, joint Deputy Chairs, Doctors in Unite

Dr Louise Irvine, Secretary, Doctors in Unite