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Removing pensions benefits is criminally stupid

jaimie kaffash 2 duo 3x2

jaimie kaffash 2 duo 3×2

Pulse’s news today that the health secretary is to be given the right to remove pensions benefits from GPs accused of a crime has understandably  been met with widespread disagreement. 

It has to be pointed out that we are talking about the worst of crimes here – such as murder and treason. You will not miss out on pensions benefits for a speeding ticket. This new power is very unlikely to be used and, if it is, I don’t imagine there will be too much uproar about it considering the severity of the crime. 

With all that in mind, I can’t help but feel this is a criminally stupid act by the Government. At a time when GPs are concerned around their pensions, I cannot understand why they would try to push such a policy through.

Practices worried they are going to be hit with massive bills due to errors in Capita’s reporting of employer contributions; GPs reaching their annual pensions allowance, meaning it is not financially viable for them to take on shifts; locums not knowing how much they will have to contribute to their pensions.

With pensions in such a mess right now, does the Government really need to bring in such a pointless piece of legislation?

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