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LIFT Council will work to keep funds coming

An article in Pulse last week suggested funding for new GP surgeries was being ‘axed’. This article has prompted some of our PCT and GP partners to express concern about funding for new schemes and as a result I must clarify our position.

Funding for new projects, where they can prove they are essential to the delivery of improved services, will need to continue to be developed.

As a result of the state of public finances, the LIFT model is now evolving, with LIFT areas now shifting towards more extensive use of the LIFTCo’s asset-management expertise to realise value and assess occupancy rates to drive improved efficiency. This shift is entirely in line with the NHS white paper and means there may be fewer eye-catching projects but a more subtle focus on getting more out of what already exists.

However, LIFT continues to represent the most effective way of managing the NHS estate. We would like to reassure our PCT and GP partners the LIFT Council will, as far as it can, work to keep funding coming through to viable new infrastructure projects.

Submitted in response to: Funding axed for new surgeries

From Chris Whitehouse, chair of the LIFT Council