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Waste audit is bureaucratic madness

Our practice manager has been doing the waste audit to see if we can comply with the new regulations for waste segregation. I used to carry a single sharps container in my emergency medical bag, along with sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, gloves, emergency drugs and so on.

Now, I have five sharps containers and four clinical waste disposal bags, so there is no longer any room for the emergency drugs.

But never mind, I won’t need them any more. In my consulting room I used to have one sharps bin, one bin for clean waste such as hand-towels, magazines and so on, and one for soiled clinical waste.

I now need a half-dozen different-coloured sharps bins and four large waste bins. I have moved the chairs out to make room, so there is no longer a chair or couch for the patients.

Sadly this means I no longer have much use for all the bins I have made room for, since I haven’t room to see patients and generate clinical waste.

Will anyone at the top see the absurdity of this and allow us to return to a practical handling of waste, and enable us to see patients again?