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Competition: Win five guineas (£107) for your best referral story

To celebrate the 60th birthday of Pulse, we are running a competition from the first issue of Pulse. We offered five guineas for the best entry, two guineas for second place and one for third place.

So we will offer the same again. Converting that to today’s money, the prize is £107 of John Lewis vouchers to the winner, £42.80 vouchers to second place and £21.40 vouchers to third place. Send your entries to Closing date: 19 March 2020.

10 1960 04 competition 326x1000px

10 1960 04 competition 326x1000px

In case you can’t see the image, the competition is: Give, in not more than 150 words, your reason in a letter to the specialist for sending the patient for consultation. Choose your ‘patients’ from:

  • Dr Samuel Johnson
  • Sir Toby Belch
  • Helen of Troy
  • Caligula
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Elvis Presley
  • Major (from George Orwell’s Animal Farm)
  • Bridgitte Bardot

The competition is only open to GPs.

Get writing…