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Dr Brian Balmer: This bonkers scheme is piling work on GPs

It seems a bit bureaucratic for patients to be sent back and forth to the GP. I would have thought some audit system would save the GP and patient a lot of running around. In my opinion, the CCG needs a neater system.

Obviously this is creating an increased workload for GPs. They’re already bursting at the seams and this is piling on more work. It makes us look inefficient. It gives the patient a lot of hassle. The  whole system, it’s a market from hell.

I’ve had a referral to dermatology which was returned to me after a month saying ‘please send this to two week referrals’. Fine, I’ve got it wrong. But I got that letter telling me I’d got it wrong after a month, and then had to refer again. The patient waited over four weeks. They should have just referred it straight on. It’s bonkers!

Dr Brian Balmer is chief executive of north and south Essex LMC