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‘Revalidation doesn’t make us better GPs’

dr peter williams lmc2017 charles milligan square

dr peter williams lmc2017 charles milligan square

We jump through all these hoops, which are really difficult. They’re costly in money as well as time, and at the end of the day it doesn’t make the profession any better.

One year, I recorded about 70 hours of education but was told that some didn’t count and so I only just got the 50 hours that is required. So I now record everything.

This year, I recorded about 200 hours just so I didn’t get caught out at the end of the year. My appraiser then told me there was far too much to read, and asked me to record less next time. So I’m getting confusing mixed messages.

I haven’t found many colleagues who say that the process of revalidation has made them a better doctor. They say it doesn’t make them more professional, it doesn’t make them a better GP. If actually that’s the feeling for the majority of GPs, we’re not looking at the right things.

Dr Peter Williams is chair of Derby and Derbyshire LMC