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‘We have a number of serious concerns about the GP at Hand service’

We have a number of serious concerns and questions that need to be answered: Who is ultimately responsible for NHS England commissioning the service?

What evidence from pilots has been published in recognised journals to suggest it is of greater benefit than similarly resourced general practice, A) to patients? And B) to GP practices serving their current registered patient populations?

How is this not promoting cherry picking of comparatively healthy patients ahead of those with complex needs, when both are assigned the same level of funding while local general practices are forbidden from doing so?

How is good for continuity of care that a patient who has been encouraged to switch their registration to a new provider via an extensive advertising campaign can then be told to de-register if their medical needs increase to the point where they can only be effectively served by a local general practice?

Dr Michelle Drage is chief executive of Londonwide LMCs