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A GP burn-out service burns out

A GP burn-out service has finally burnt out.

A gold standard psychological support service has burnt out after almost 25 years of supporting burnt-out GPs. The closure comes despite NHS chief executive Simon Stevens’s pledge to expand specialist practitioner pastoral support services.

We caught up with Colin, a long serving member of the department:

‘After supporting GPs for a quarter of a century we came to the inevitable conclusion that life is nothing more than a moronic rat race played out on a seemingly endless, porridge-coloured, wind-swept landscape filled with huge grim events and that everyone in it leads a life filled with futility, apathy and abject disappointment until they die. However, since discovering this we’ve also discovered vodka.’

A sign hanging on the chained doors of the once welcoming department, reads: ‘Life is shit and you will die’ whilst all the staff are down the local ordering double voddies and singing ’I’m loving angels instead’.

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Edinburgh