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A new name for Jeremy Hunt inspired by Boaty McBoatface

So yeah, that Boaty McBoatface thing. Fantastic how we have shown ourselves to be democratic, pleasingly irreverent and fun-loving/ Depressing how democracy works sometimes, not that funny in the first place and joke wearing very thin. Delete as applicable.

I’d like to rename our current Secretary of State for Health, ‘Hunty McHuntface’

Just in case you missed it, and you really can’t have, Boaty McBoatface is leading, by some way, on online poll to name a new £200m Royal Research polar explorer ship. But it’s not the first time that something dignified and significant, with a proud history and serious scientific intent, and utterly deserving of respect, has been seriously mocked, is it? No, we GPs (there’s a clue) don’t need to look further than certain politicians if we’re seeking a massive dollop of contempt, do we?

And if you think this is just a blatant contrivance to suggest that, henceforth, I’d like to rename our current Secretary of State for Health, ‘Hunty McHuntface’, then you could well be right. But say it out loud, repeatedly, and you’ll thank me.

Dr Tony Copperfield is a GP in Essex. You can follow him on Twitter @DocCopperfield