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A stocking filler from Professor Steve Field

‘How to be just like me’ is a great little stocking filler by best-selling author Professor Steve Field.

Do you want to rid yourself of shame? Wish you could do more in medicine? Do you want to be more like Steve? If you answered Yes Yes Yes (or even if you answered Yes/No/Yes or No/Yes/Yes or Yes/Yes/No) then this book is for you.

Written after Steve went to the papers and said that he was ashamed of his fellow GPs, ‘How to be just like me’ helps to redeem him by usefully suggesting how you can be more like him. 

Chapters include ‘Smell like Steve’, ’Swagger like Steve’ and ’Make a delightful peanut based dip like Steve’.

Here are just some of the testimonials:

 – ‘After reading Steve’s book I’m no longer a one trick pony. I’m a god-damn one-man stud farm’ – Allan from Bedford.

 – ‘Before Steve my life was utterly meaningless, a dark void filled with cakes and shame. Now my diary is rammed with committee meetings and video conferencing events and I’ve even found time to make a delicious peanut based dip for the whole family. Thanks Steve!’ – Alan from Bidford. 

The book also comes with a Professor Field latex mask designed to enhance your feeling of ‘Steveness’ which you can snap on and wear in the privacy of your own home.

All in all it’s a great stocking filler for people you don’t like very much. 

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Edinburgh