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Dr David Turner: They muck it up

Dr david turner duo 3x2

Dr david turner duo 3×2

They muck it up the NHS.

They may not mean to, but they do

They keep all the faults from the last mess

Then add some new ones too.


But they were mucked up in their turn

By privilege and wealth.

How did we ever expect them to learn

About the needs of those with poor health?


They hand the problems down the line,

The buck stops with the GP.

Whose mental health is less than fine

And only resignation will set free.


Less is more, yes, less is more!

Less ticking, less targets, less all.

Our cries may be a bore

But our backs are against the wall.


So please Mr Hunt take a year off

And I’ll be in charge for a while.

The health service minus a toff,

Really will make us all smile.


(Apologies to P. Larkin, who I’m sure is rotating in his grave)

Dr David Turner is a GP in west London