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GMC criticised for quinoa consumption

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The GMC, universally reviled by doctors, has been heavily criticised for eating quinoa salad for lunch.

The culinary mistake was made last Tuesday. A spokesperson for the GMC said: ‘The allegation made against us is true. We had a quinoa salad with beetroot, feta and herbs and a glass of Château Pétrus.

‘But I would like to reassure our members that the relentless persecution of you (the very people that pay our salaries) is so tiring that we have to make time for a luncheon that befits our status.’

An irate doctors group responded: ‘This is just typical of the GMC and the double standards that we’ve come to expect.’

The GMC admitted it ‘occupied a unique social space’ where it was ‘loathed for absolutely everything we do’

On further questioning the GMC admitted: ‘We now occupy a unique social space, a space where we are loathed for absolutely everything we do.

‘However, we’ve listened to grassroots GPs and we’ve heard their feedback and next time we’ll be ordering a steak bake and a doughnut platter from Greggs.’

On the plus side, it appears the age-old question of whether quinoa salad is evil has now been settled.