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‘Help, my hand feels like it’s on backwards’

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WaddaFk Friday 12-June-15 21:22

Every time I go to the bathroom I feel a cold trickle running from the top of my head all the way down my spine to my feet and I feel like my hand has been put on backwards. Please can someone tell me this isn’t serious? Also I used to be slim but now I’m fat. Should I see my Dr??

ShirleytoGod Friday 12-June-15 21:37

Holy-cow! The exact same thing happened to me. I saw my Dr and he put it down to stress. But how can that be? Stress can’t take your hand off and put it on backwards can it?

StrWrs2015 Saturday 13-June-15 04.00

Has anybody seen the new Star Wars trailer.?It rocks!!!

Sorry can’t help you with your medical problems but Star Wars is cool, cheerz 

ShirleytoGod Saturday 13-June-15 10.12

Ignore him. Have you tried bio-oil Wadda??? I had a fat aunt with arthritis and total body candida. A bath of bio-oil once a day worked a treat. The docs won’t prescribe it of course because they make money every time you’re ill.

WaddaFk Sunday 14-June-15 2.00

Thanx Shirley! I tried the bio-oil bath, slipped and broke two of my ribs (ouch!!!) spent the night in A and E. On a positive note my hand now feels like it’s been put back on the right way round. Result!

StrWrs 2015 Sunday 14-June-15 4.00               

I don’t know too much about ribs but have you seen the new Star Wars trailer? It rocks!!

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