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Home truths

The motion by Kent LMC calling for the removal of home visits from the GMS contract has produced a huge reaction. It featured in all the national newspapers, has been much debated in the Pulse comments section and on social media.

The chances are that English LMCs will vote against it at their annual conference next week. A softer motion in Wales – calling for the removal of home visits after 2pm – failed, after all.

As Copperfield has pointed out, there is a fundamental issue with the motion, in that GPs are not obliged to carry out home visits anyway. But I feel that the motion itself has had a positive effect already. It has highlighted that there is a need for radical, immediate solutions to alleviate the GP workload crisis.

Next week we will be releasing our manifesto

Pledges for new trainees from the Conservatives and Labour are necessary but do nothing in the short term. What we need is removal of work immediately. 

Next week we will be releasing our manifesto. If you think there is anything we should include, please email me on

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