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I learned a great mnemonic earlier. Shame I can’t remember what it stands for

Reassuring news at the 10 top tips on CQC inspection session at Pulse Live: the clipboard brigade apparently don’t give a huge amount of weight to ‘my doctah never gives me nuffink’ feedback on NHS Choices. Really?

‘We see negative comments with every practice,’ says the speaker, dismissively. So what’s the point of the feedback section if those who really understand quality care know it’s a load of cobblers? Ah – that one remains unanswered.

There’s more, though.

‘All the bad practices have good comments put on by their own staff,’ we’re told. I don’t think that’s one of the tips. Great idea, though.

A quick hop across the corridor to catch a CKD update. I learn about SADMAN – a great mnemonic to remember drugs to beware of in CKD. Can’t remember what it stands for, though. So maybe not so great.

More memorable is the fact that eight per cent of the population believe their kidneys pump blood around the body. Is that not right, then?

Oh, and don’t forget that CKD’s fallen out of QOF. Your kidneys are still important, though. Both of them. That means plenty of fluids. Which reminds me, I need a pee and a coffee.

Dr Tony Copperfield is a GP in Essex. You can follow him on Twitter @DocCopperfield.