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Introducing ‘Weekly Practice’ magazine

Weekly Practice is a brand new magazine that brings you the news, pictures and gossip from the world of general practice.

In our sensational first edition, we will bring you incredible true stories such as ‘I kept my practice manager in a kennel’ and ‘The day I took a shotgun to work’.

We also feature regular columns, including ‘Why I’m so bitter?’ and ‘I thought I told you there was f*ck all wrong with you’.

Our resident agony aunt is on hand to offer helpful advice with her ‘Ten reasons why your patient isn’t your f*cking friend’ and ‘What to say to patients while just staying within the margins of the law’.

We also have GP Style, a monthly supplement that will guide you through the latest trends in beige cardigans and the dangers of face ironing. Features include a lonely hearts column and next week we’ll be introducing you to Brenda, a district nurse, who loves water sports and horse riding. 

Free with the very first edition is a slogan t-shirt that says ‘You’ve got 10 minutes, moron’, which you can wear with pride. And if you subscribe now, we also promise to throw in a fiver for your funeral when you finally hit 68.

Unlike our rival publications, we’ve made sure that Weekly Practice has absolutely no educational content whatsoever. So you don’t even need to feel guilty for not reading it!

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Aberdeen, Scotland