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Jeremy Hunt may or may not have said something this week

‘I’m sorry did somebody say something?’

It’s been widely reported this week that Jeremy Hunt may have said something.

The health secretary, who lives in a secret underground bunker (or in a house) almost certainly said something this week. He may well have said something about healthcare. But then again he might not have.

Reports have begun to emerge though that Jeremy did actually say something: ‘We’re not quite sure what he said,’ says a media analyst, ‘but if he did say something he could have said almost anything. He could have said “I like cats” for example, but then again he could have said “I’ve got a really itchy leg today” or something like that. He may have said something about the National Health Service or something about primary care prescribing, but nobody really heard him. So we’re back to the idea that he could have said anything.’

It’s believed that Mr Hunt may well say something again next week. The Department of Health has urged everyone to turn their tellies down a bit so we can hear him.  

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Edinburgh