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Join us for a resilience training course – like bootcamp but tougher

Find it hard to say no? Worried that you’re not coping with the stress of the job? Heading for burnout? Then why not join us here in the idyllic surroundings of the Brecon Beacons for a two-day course in resilience training.   

The course has been funded by Health Education England and forms part of the £10m, 10-point plan to improve GP recruitment and retention.

I was taught how to dodge sniper bullets whilst blindfolded

Here are just some of last year’s testimonials:  

‘I feel revitalised. Before attending the course I was always running late, always apologising and never felt like I could achieve anything. But now if a patient hobbles into my room on crutches demanding tramadol I’d kick those mudda f*cking crutches away and tell him to get down and gimme some.’

Margaret, 50, Croydon.

‘I used to be sensitive, compassionate and bookish, ideal qualities for a GP, but thank God they were pistol whipped out of me during the course. Now I get up at four in the morning and go for a run in the rain (in my pants) and if it’s not raining I take a watering can with me. For breakfast I eat bits of metal and for tea I punch mountains.’ 

Colin, 39, Croydan. 

‘My favourite bit of the weekend was boot camp: I got to repeatedly knife a straw doll with a bayonet, I was taught how to dodge sniper bullets whilst blindfolded and I was shown disturbing images of Cameron in action with a pig’s head. Overall five stars.’

Samantha, 29, Croyden.  

We believe that the weekend will enable doctors to become more resilient, earn extra CPD points and become excellent pig-f*ckers.

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Edinburgh