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Junior doctors disappointed about wasted placards

At the last minute the BMA agreed not to go ahead with its planned strike action which has left lots of junior doctors disappointed because they spent absolutely ages on their placards.

Amy, who spent a small fortune on glue at Hobbycraft says: ‘I did A-level art so I know a thing or two about colouring in and I put a lot of work into my placards because I wanted to get the lettering just right.’ One glittery well apportioned placard reads: ‘Death to the motherf*ckers at Whitehall,’ and the other ‘These cuts won’t heal,’ which Amy is really proud of because it’s like totally witty.

In response the government has issued a placard amnesty.

‘We don’t want to see the streets of London awash with unused placards,’ says spokesman, ‘You can either put them into our anonymous dustbin, the one with the CCTV camera over it, or you can go to France.’

‘We had one makeshift banner handed over to us this morning which demanded “The immediate restitution of Christ’s Church and suppression of heretics’ opinions,” which is a bit 15th century if you ask me.’

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Edinburgh