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Just say No

LMC leaders announce they’ve brought in Zammo to help with their ‘just say no’ campaign.

‘We all remember Zammo, that cheeky little scamp in the long-running TV series Grange Hill. His tawdry tale of drugs and despair was used to warn kids about the dangers of taking smack. After children were presented with his lifeless corpse on their television screens he was brought back from the dead to release a single and head up the Just Say No anti-drugs campaign.’

‘We think Zammo is ideally placed to give GPs the confidence to “just say no”,’ says one LMC Leader.

‘When patients hand over their benefits assessment forms we understand that GPs are anxious because “just saying no” might result in them being punched and hated forever more. But if we have a well co-ordinated campaign involving a fictitious boy whose name sounds like a sleeping tablet then the public might just get behind it.’

Sadly, Zammo was not available for comment as he was too busy gouching next to a wheelie bin.

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Aberdeen.