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Patient stockpiling Strepsils




Hayley, a worried mother-of-three, has been stockpiling Strepsils for the past six months, it has emerged.

’I’ve got an oil drum full of cough mixture in the shed and I’ve filled the garage up to the ceiling with Lemsips’, admits Hayley. ’Some people say I’m being paranoid, that it’ll just be business as usual after Brexit, but I say I’m being cautious.’

In the event of a no-deal, patients like Hayley have envisioned general practice being overrun by hoards of needy patients clawing desperately at the windows as they run out of meds.

Visions of general practice being overrun by patients clawing desperately at the windows as they run out of meds

’I now sleep with a loaded shotgun and a crate full of Fisherman’s Friend under the bed,’ adds Hayley. ’Not even a post-Brexit zombie apocalypse will interfere with my family’s ability to needlessly treat a self-limiting viral illness with menthol flavoured lozenges.’

’Got any Strepsils?’

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Australia who previously practised in Glasgow and Aberdeen