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Photo campaign promotes the undoctored North

An innovative campaign to promote general practice in underdoctored parts of the North has sprung up through social media.

The photographs show doctors consulting from such natural environs as a boarded up high street, a bus shelter, a multi-storey car-park, Ladbrokes and from the inside of an empty cider bottle.  

A spokesman for the campaign said: ‘We’re really proud of  it, it shows doctors doing what they do best in naturalistic settings. And also it shows the huge benefits of working in this area, for example you can catch a bus, park your car, place a bet and drink some cider.’

One doctor has been photographed writing out a prescription for Prozac  in an abandoned sock factory whilst another is lying on the pavement, clutching a pad of sick lines covered in what can only be described as weekend kebab wrappers and strangers’ puke.

The way the light captures the dog ends and dog turds is truly remarkable.  

It’s hoped that the images will show future trainees who are thinking about coming to the North just how diverse and satisfying their lives can be.

It’s also hoped that the campaign will showcase some of the amazing things you can do armed with little more than a digital camera, a dog turd and a desperate idea.

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Aberdeen.