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Robot GPs regret choice of profession

Robots are pissed off, it has emerged.

The next generation of robots are a little miffed that they’ll have to work as GPs.

‘I’m pretty gutted’, admits one of them. ‘I wanted more out of life, to be honest.’

Somebody has to be a GP

‘When I was in the lab, having my neural networks tweaked, I dreamt about thrashing Magnus Carlsen at chess, making a fortune on the stock market or calculating what happens at the centre of a black hole.’

‘Instead, I’ll be confined to a windowless room in Croydon, listening to some wobble-bottom tell me all about his piles.’

‘It is a waste of potential’ admits AI expert Prof Candid. ‘Neural networks can do some amazing things, and so can doctors. But somebody or rather something has to be a GP.’

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Australia who previously practised in Glasgow and Aberdeen