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The GPC boldly criticises ‘disappointing’ cupcakes

In a defiant mood the GPC has openly criticised a decorative box of cupcakes which was delivered to its head office on Tuesday.

The cupcakes, believed to be red velvet, salted caramel and classic chocolate were baked to order using high quality, responsibly sourced ingredients by a man wearing an Andean chullo hat.

In a bold move the GPC issued a press release saying: ‘The cupcakes did not live up to our  expectations. The icing had a dull sheen rather than the lustrous glaze we were looking for and the cake itself tasted like a dart-player’s fart. Far from making us feel like Bohemian New Yorkers the cupcakes left us feeling empty in side. Well empty and a little bit indigestioney.’

Next week the GPC are going to take down their office poster which says ‘Keep calm and carry on’ and will be heard audibly tutting at the stains left by the blu-tac. The government had better watch out because the days of fortitude, self-restraint and cupcake-tolerance are long gone. 

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Edinburgh