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The Great Medical Bake Off

We’re going to replace the CSA with a bake off says Royal College.

It’s been confirmed that the CSA, the RCGP’s hugely controversial exam designed to test a doctors consulting skills, is to be replaced with competitive cake making

‘Look I know what you’re thinking,’ said a College spokesman, ‘What a great idea! Cakes are the best and who cares if someone can’t diagnose diabetes, as long as they can make an awesome sticky toffee that’s all that counts.’

The plan is to put candidates through increasingly difficult stages designed to push them to the limits of baking.

International medical graduate, Olga, said: ‘In the knock-out rounds I baked well, but my chocolate, almond praline and saffron cake failed to impress. I won’t lie; I’m desperately disappointed.’

John, a home-grown UK graduate said: ‘I wanted to bake tuiles with chocolate mousse but ended up making something that looked like an elephant scab. It must have tasted alright though because I ended up scraping through.’

‘We don’t think there will be any sex or race bias,’ said the college, ‘but early indicators suggest that girls will be a little bit better at it. Mind you, they’re a little bit better at everything aren’t they?’

The college can only hope that good cakes will prevent a bad reputation.

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Aberdeen.