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The pitfalls of speed dating

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Today is the day practices across England are frantically having to – if not consummate – then at least register their new networks. In this less exciting version of speed dating, they’ve had a full six weeks to decide who they will partner with.

This is not a short-term fling. These long-term relationships will dictate much of their income for the foreseeable future.

Yet I can’t help but feel that we will be seeing a few divorces in the coming years. This is an incredibly short deadline, and practices are ‘hurriedly’ setting up these new relationships. There are huge numbers of issues that – without some watertight pre-nuptials – could end in acrimony. And that’s not even mentioning the potential arranged marriages.

This is not a short-term fling

For example, does anyone understand the VAT issues? How about HR issues if there are any problems around the shared employees? And how will conflicts between the practices be settled?

I still can’t quite understand why the BMA allowed such a short engagement period. Let’s hope I am wrong, and it will be a case of until death do us part.

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