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The story of Tom and Mary

This is Tom.

Tom is a doctor.

Say hello to Tom.

‘Hello Tom’


Tom has something around his neck.

What could it be?

It’s a stethoscope.

‘I use my stethoscope to listen to your heart,’ says Tom.


Tom has a lot of patients to see.

He wants to make them better.

He looks in to their eyes, he looks in to their ears.

And he feels their tummies.

Tom gives them special medicine.

And Tom feels very important.


But look at the time!

It’s 9 o’clock.

And it’s dark outside.


Tom is still at work.

He is still looking at pieces of paper.

He is still typing on his computer.

He is still talking to people on the phone.

And look, poor Tom is holding his head in his hands.


Tom’s wife is called Mary.

Say hello to Mary.

‘Hello Mary’

Mary feels lonely.

Mary is drinking another glass of juice and crying to her favourite song.

‘Oh dear’


Tom gets home.

He doesn’t feel important anymore.

Mary has packed her bags.

And here she is putting her bags into Mike’s car.


Tom should have listened to Mary.

But Tom was always at work.

And now he doesn’t have anything else.


Goodbye Mary.

Goodbye Tom. 


Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Edinburgh