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These short-term pensions measures are essential

The Government decision to pay the pensions tax charges of GPs and consultants this winter (although not yet confirmed) are only a short-term measure.

We do need a longer-term solution. As I have argued before, I would abolish tax on pensions contributions because the biggest effect they’ve had is to punish doctors for working.

The decision to pay the pensions tax charges shouldn’t be dismissed just because it’s only short-term

The admission from health secretary Matt Hancock in his exclusive interview with Pulse last week that he is in talks about removing the taper altogether would be a great win for the profession.

But, despite this need for a long-term solution, the decision to pay the pensions tax charges this winter should not be dismissed just because it is only short-term. The BMA has warned that this could be the worst winter on record, and we needed something drastic to prevent GPs and consultants having to pay to work.

All the parties seem to understand that this is an untenable situation. And while we wait for a long-term solution to be agreed, this recent lifeline is essential.

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