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Two thirds of thoughts don’t need a think tank, says new report

All of the wonderful ideas concocted in think-tanks have already been thought up by people whimsically picking their noses at bus stops, says controversial report.

The report emphasises that wacky ideas can be had by anyone but that the general public has the sense to keep their ideas to themselves.

We spoke with Colin who regularly has ideas on his way to work: ‘Today I was staring out of the window and I thought wouldn’t it be great if I could see a nurse practitioner instead of a doctor, wouldn’t it be fantastic if instead of getting the bus I could slide down a great big long tube to work and wouldn’t it be amazing if I could be a horse for a day.’

’I was just about to lean over to the person next to me to let her know all about my wonderful ideas when I remembered there was something called the mental health act,’ he added.

It’s thought that only one in three thoughts actually needed a think-tank and the rest have already been confined to the mental dustbin by fantasists like Colin. 

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Edinburgh