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Vacancy for an uncomplaining partner to work all hours God sends

Our senior partner has dropped dead after 35 years in general practice.

We are looking for a naïve uncomplaining partner to work all hours God sends, to replace him.

In the local area we’ve got a row of secondhand shops, which the local children playfully call ‘The Pit’, a Mecca bingo and a 24/7 Asda, through whose aisles you can drag your post-work corpse.

We’re an innovative, supportive, collaborative practice which enjoys using hackneyed phrases like ‘innovative, supportive and collaborative’. Oh, we’re also high QOF achievers.

As an aside, our current recruitment partner likes to hunt small animals with a bow and arrow, and in his spare time he enjoys boiling eggs in his own urine.

We guarantee we’ll pay lip service to a portfolio career, you’ll rarely see your children and you’ll probably have to take a pay cut next year.

Interested applicants please send your CV electronically to

Deadline: until we fill the post. 

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Aberdeen.