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Tories promise Sunday access to GPs

By Gareth Iacobucci, Nigel Praities

The Conservatives have pledged to renegotiate the GP contract to guarantee patients have access to a local GP seven days a week, in a key strand of their election manifesto.

The party has promised to give patients access to a local GP between 8am and 8pm – including Saturdays and Sundays – for routine appointments.

Practices would be free to meet the pledge ‘however they see fit', as part of their responsibility for commissioning all out-of-hours and urgent care. They could either provide the care themselves, through a GP co-operative or by commissioning external providers, such as Darzi centres, ambulance trusts or local hospitals.

The radical proposal is a sign of the Tories' desire to wrestle the access agenda away from Labour, and builds on the party's long-standing commitment to revamp GP out-of-hours care.

It could also open the door for the private sector to run services outside of normal GP hours – but GPs will have the ultimate responsibility for ensuring cover is in place.

Shadow health secretary Andrew Lansley said: ‘Labour's disastrous renegotiation of the GP contract has meant many people now find it more difficult to see a family doctor than they used to.

‘That's why we need to take this important step to allow people to be able to see a GP 8am-8pm seven days a week.

Under a Conservative government, people can have confidence they will be able to see a GP when they need one.'

But GPs expressed dismay at the proposals, which BMA chair Dr Hamish Meldrum labelled a ‘wasteful luxury'.

‘We will sit down and talk to any party about its ideas but it seems very odd indeed to consider such a massive expansion in services at a time when the NHS is having to trim its spending.

‘This sounds like a wasteful luxury. I am sure it is very populist, but I would question whether they have thought through the consequences.'

Labour defended its record on GP access, insisting: ‘Over three-quarters of practices now offer extended opening hours, and we will guarantee everyone can choose a GP who opens in the evenings and at weekends.'

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• GPs will be responsible for commissioning all out-of-hours, non-emergency care
• This must include giving all patients access to a local GP 8am-8pm, seven days a week, for routine appointments
• Practices will not have to provide the service themselves – they could commission the service from co-operatives, specialist providers or local health centres or hospitals

Source: The Conservative Party