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08.30 Getting started on the electronic pathology results

I am a GP at an urban PMS practice in a deprived part of Nottingham. We are a PMS practice with four partners (2.5 FTE) and two salaried GPs (1.5 FTE) covering some 6,900 patients.

I get up at 6.30am, woken by the alarm. Shower, breakfast, then I rally the kids to leave for the school run at 7.35am. I drop them off on my way to work.

I get in at 8.05am, slgihtly later than usual due to the school run. The practice is being opened up by our team ready for an 8.30am start. I boot up the PC and start on the electronic pathology results, checking and posting into the patient record. A small batch this time, only 23 patients-worth (but then I did do another 18 last night).

After quarter of an hour I start sorting out referrals. There’s more of a backlog than usual due to last week’s final push on QOF.