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Pulse Writing Competition: Read the top 12 entries

Pulse Writing Competition: Read the top 12 entries

When we launched our writing competition, I was fearful that we would end up with half a dozen entries, and that the quality would be poor, but we would be forced to put on a brave face and say how great they were. How wrong I was.

We ended up with more than 50 entries, and they were of the highest quality. The whole office was involved in scoring, and there were a few tears shed too.

We provided two potential themes: ‘The case I’ll never forget’ and ‘An hour with the health secretary’, with the vast majority choosing the former. The entries drew on everything to do with general practice, from what it means to do one’s best as a GP in the NHS to the workforce crisis facing the profession.

After a lot of reading, discussing and debating, the judges finally agreed on a winner and two runners-up that you can find below.

Would my best still be enough in today’s NHS? by Dr Zoe Rog

The vital door-handle question by Dr Paul O’Reilly

Gratification delayed – the reward of continuity by Dr David Salkin

Over the next fortnight, keep your eyes peeled as we will be publishing the top 12 on this page (the plan was top 10, but like I said, they were of a very high standard!). You can find any new additions below.

Nothing prepares you for the death of your mother – not even being a doctor by Dr Julia Chase

The straw that broke the camel’s back by Dr Gyda Meeten

Sometimes you’re in a race you can’t win by Dr Simon

We keep doing our duties and keep feeling helpless by Dr Rishika Sinha

Consulting from the comfy chair by Dr Charlotte Luke

To preserve patient dignity or take a risk? by Dr Anya Heywood

Twenty years of shared history and diagnostic blind alleys by Dr St John Daly

Taking the shortcut by Dr Hastie Salih

Happy reading!

Jaimie Kaffash