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In full: What GPs think about taking back out-of-hours care

Look at the full results of Pulse’s survey of 400 GPs on out-of-hours care

Do you think GPs should take back out-of-hours (OOH) responsibility for all their patients?

Yes – 45 (11.3%)

No – 340 (85.6%)

Don’t know – 12 (3%)

Respondents: 397 GPs


Do you support the RCGP’s proposal for GPs to take back OOH responsibility for 5% of patients, such as the elderly, patients with complex medical problems and those needing palliative care or with mental health problems?

Yes – 33 (8.3%)

No – 345 (87.1%)

Don’t know – 18 (3%)

Respondents: 396 GPs


Would you support the GPC in taking some form of industrial action if NHS England seeks to change the GP contract to place responsibility for out-of-hours care back with GPs?

Yes – 244 (61.9%)

No – 102 (25.9%)

Don’t know – 48 (12.1%)

Respondents: 394 GPs


Would you be willing to take back responsibility for overseeing the quality of OOH care for your patients if there was a guarantee you wouldn’t have to do on-call shifts yourself?

Yes – 142 (35.8%)

No – 195 (49.2%)

Don’t know – 59 (14.9%)

Respondents: 396 GPs


How much extra per GP would the Government have to pay your practice to persuade you to take back responsibility for out-of-hours care?

£3,000 – 2 (0.5%)

£5,000 – 4 (1%)

£10,000 a year – 20 (5.4%)

£20,000 – 87 (23.5%)

I wouldn’t take back responsibility at any price – 255 (69.1%)

Respondents: 369 GPs

Readers' comments (6)

  • I work mainly in OOH but do some other day time work too. I have worked in a wide variety of places so have a fair bit of experience. Also I do enough to get to know a fair few of the patients and also know the local GPs. I would be quite happy to oversee and run an OOH service - It doesn't have to be daytime GPs (partners and salaried) - there are plenty of others around who have kept up their OOH skills and could do the job and ensure that patients (and GPs) get a better deal.

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  • GP Commissioners want OOH services to improve. At a recent LMC meeting the OOH service was roundly criticised. None of the critics actually worked out of hours, or regularly updated special patient notes. The selfsame commissioners wish to commission the service cheaper but were not prepared to work themselves for what was on offer. It is time those who have forgotten all about out of hours wake up and realise 1) That they are commissioning a service for people who can't wait till their own GP is open 2) You get what you pay for 3) The funds available for OOH (two thirds of the time) are a tiny fraction of the in hours funding

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  • Greedy partners some even calling themselves non clinical or administrative partners and exploring the 'salaried partners' are now squirming and will run away with huge pensions.Goodbye

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  • GP OOHs in Swansea is run by local GPs for all the practices. There are enough GPs locally who choose to do it and it is extremely efficient with information sharing etc. Perhaps the government should look at schemes like this for ideas instead of coming up with things that don't make sense! Its one way to put off young doctors training as a GP with these new plans. I for one am thinking of going back to hospital medicine. Let's face it, it's not exciting or 'sexy' to be a GP most do it because family commitments are easier without forced OOHs.

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  • How sad that PULSE magazine allow the Daily Mail to keep abusing GPs on these silly posts. The single thing that would make me leave the profession???????? The Daily ******* Mail, did you guess...??

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  • I agree, after reading the daily mail bull s*it published almost everyday I too am looking at returning to hospital medicine which is sad as patients seem to like me as a GP. Before you know it the daily mail reader will be up in arms when there are no local GPs any more and expensive locums have to be drafted in to fill their places.

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