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Urgent care

Emergency services are in need of intensive care

The NHS has never had a great track record for

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Retired GPs on Covid helpline to be offered chance to work on NHS 111

Exclusive The NHS 111 Covid helpline is set to be

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Locum GPs charged admin fees to ‘prove’ self-employment amid IR35 ‘confusion’

Exclusive Locum GPs are being asked by out-of-hours organisations to

NHS pressure prompts GP appraisal suspension in Covid hot spot

Exclusive GP appraisals have been suspended until the end of

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Call-before-you-walk: Acutely ill patients being diverted from A&E departments, GPs warn

Exclusive Acutely ill patients requiring emergency care are being diverted

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GPs to receive referrals from A&E under new NHSE proposals

GP practices could start receiving referrals from A&E departments under

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CQC: No evidence that remote GP consultations increase A&E attendance

The increase in the number of remote GP consultations during

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Patients may have to phone 111 from A&E waiting room in latest call-before-you-walk pilot area

Patients turning up to A&E without pre-booking an appointment may

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CCAS restarts GP recruitment amid ‘ongoing challenge’ to meet demand

Exclusive NHS 111’s Covid Clinical Assessment Service (CCAS) is 300

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GPs should offer ‘sufficient’ number of direct-booking slots to NHS 111

GP practices should adjust the number of appointment slots that

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111 plan leaves me Angry & Emotional

There was once a casualty officer who was utterly incensed

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NHS 111 will triage for all A&Es by December, DHSC confirms

Patients will be asked to book into A&Es using NHS

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CCAS stops using nurses and paramedics after ‘serious’ safety incident

The Covid Clinical Assessment Service (CCAS) has stopped nurses and