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Hopes and fears for 2014

The great and the good in general practice give their hopes and fears for 2014. Feel free to add your own underneath…


Dr Maureen Baker, RCGP chair

Dr Maureen baker - online

Hope: To start to reverse consecutive years’ underfunding in general practice

Fear: That doesn’t happen. Continued decline would be a disaster





Dr Chaand Nagpaul, GPC chair

Chaand Nagpaul - online

Hope: The new contract will be first step in a new trajectory of restoring trust and investment in GPs’ professionalism - instead of suffocating bureaucracy and targets

Fear: Ongoing political change thwarts this direction of travel and bureaucracy and performance management contaminate the positives





Dr Mike Ingram,  GPC member and a GP in Radlett, Hertfordshire

Michael Ingram - Mike Ingram - LMCs conference 2013 - online

Hope: More time for the patient

Fear: Further erosion of the workforce making everything else - CQC inspections, extended opening etc - even more difficult





Dr Alan McDevitt, Scottish GPC chair

alan mcdevitt

Hope: GPs throughout the UK will be more valued for the work they do for patients

Fear: That traditional family oriented medicine is broken apart by a market-driven ideology





Dr Michelle Drage, Londonwide LMCs chief executive

Dr Michelle Drage - online

Hope: Stars are aligning for general practice in a pre-election year

Fear: Ratings on every practice front door






Dr Nigel Watson, Wessex LMCs chief executive

Dr Nigel Watson square

Hope: We’ve reached the bottom of the downward spiral of workload and despair

Fear: NHS bureaucracy puts barriers in the way of GPs reinvigorating services





Dr Charles Alessi, NAPC chair

Charles Alessi

Hope: The system will change and embrace the personalisation of care that´s needed

Fear: Big party politics will stop that from happening





Dr Charlotte Jones, GPC Wales chair

Dr Charlotte Jones

Hope: That GPs will see the benefits of the contract changes we´re working on

Fear: That nothing will be done to address the GP workforce crisis





Dr Robert Morley, Birmingham LMC executive secretary 

Dr Robert Morley NTI

Hope: That changes agreed in the new contract have a significant impact on reducing uneccesary workload and that practices can concentrate on patients

Fear: Smaller practices may become unviable because of the scale of problems they face



Dr Michael Dixon, NHS Alliance chair

Dr Mike Dixon - online Guy Newman


Hope: That we’ll reverse the resourcing thats gone into secondary care and that 2014 will be the year of Government putting its money where its mouth is and changing mechanisms such as PbR to resource primary care properly

Fear: My real fear is that general practice turns its back on the opportunity because of existing workload. If we don’t grasp it we could wither on the vine and all would take would be a future Government to allow the sale of goodwill and we’ll all end up working for Tescos



What are your hopes and fears for 2014? Please add them in the comments section underneath…

Readers' comments (8)

  • Vinci Ho

    Hope- Darth Vader/ Agent Hunt/ Master Yoda/DoH/ NHSE all honestly confess the damages they have inflicted on general practice to the verge of extinction
    Fear- the chance of this to happen is much less than that of LFC winning the Premier League this season.

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  • Hope: Bureaucrats 0 - 1 GPs

    Fear: Daily Mail 1 -0 GPs

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  • hope-I agree with Michael Dixon and hope the fraternity joins up in each locality and prove our expertise-fight for the reinvestment into general practice
    we need to keep the patients on our side too

    Fear-we will keep squabbling for personal motifs-gains and the NHS will be for sale in full force

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  • Hope; I agree with Dr Dixon in that the Government/ DH urgently need to drive the overall investment in primary care by actually shifting targets and incentives-however there desperately needs to be an appropriately robust infrastructure in the community . That is we need the relevant skills, confidence, leadership starting with Community nursing and social care teams being much more overtly aligned to GP Practice ( daily working relationships established) . This in order to appreciate and manage the small subtle changes in patient hence driving patient safety .
    Fear; more of the same and the patient revolving door scenario persisting with blue lighted readmissions very often for simple confirmation of diagnosis and stabilisation thus demonstrating that we are not set up to cope with the levels of support required for our aging patients to ultimately be maintained in their own homes

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  • Phil Yates

    Hope: That the current / forthcoming climate enables us to release a little of our fierce independence allowing collaboration & rationalisation between practices
    Fear: That our workload & historic perceptions won't give us the headspace to realise our future is stronger together, which risks being damaging to us and our patients in the longer term

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  • Hope - that primary care focussed on Generla practice gets recognition and a fairer share of resource to deliver what we can do so fantastically well
    Fear. We are all to exhausted to wait for the shift to happen and patients willbe damaged in the meantime

    Paul Myres, chair RCGPWales

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  • Hope: That all clinicains working in primary care draw strength, in what will ulmost certainly be an interesting year, that they provide family centred quality care that is the envy of the world.

    Fear: That politicians,in spite of what they say, fail to fully appreciate the above fact, and do not have the necessary "strength" to support GPs so that they can maintain this reputation.

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  • hope=enjoy my early retirement

    fear=that i may be tempted to rejoin general practice

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