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Medical arithmetic: losing cuticles, puffy eyelids, blistered lips

What do these presentations add up to? By Dr Keith

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GPs in drive to increase vaccine uptake among minority ethnic patients

As misinformation circulates about the safety of Covid-19 vaccines, GPs

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Warning over impact of ‘freeze’ on GP pension lifetime allowance

Freezing the pension lifetime allowance could lead to a ‘catastrophic

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Let us champion the homeless in the league of Covid need

It’s an anathema to many health carers to adhere to

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Back to being a doctor again

Feels like any other jobGetting ready, saying goodbye to home,

Female GPs ‘earn 80-85%’ of male GP pay for same hours worked

GPs have the highest gender pay gap among doctors working

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Tributes to leading GP who has died aged 40

The primary care community is mourning an ‘instrumental’ GP who

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Your practice: How to pass the recorded consultation assessment

Tips from Dr Amit Chauhan, who has just passed the

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Pulse editor wins top medical journalism award

Pulse editor Jaimie Kaffash has won Editor of the Year

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Honourable mentions

These high-profile GPs who have previously featured in Pulse for

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Some changes to PulseToday

You might have noticed some changes on the website. We

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People in deprived areas twice as likely to visit A&E, show data

Those living in the most deprived areas of England are

CPD: How to manage the traditional face-to-face appointment remotely

Continuing our series, Dr Jonathan Inglesfield explains how to manage consultations where you may feel remote examination is not enough

Call out for the GP Heroes

Pulse is calling for nominations for GP heroes who deserve