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1,000 GP practices to display anti-terrorism posters

Anti-terrorism posters in six different languages are set to appear in 1,000 practices across the UK.

The posters - in Arabic, Urdu, Benglai, Somali, English and Welsh - will be displayed in waiting rooms and are designed to combat the ‘growing problem of extremists targeting children’ as part of a campaign by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

They aim to raise awareness of an NSPCC helpline for parents worried their children might be in danger of being radicalised.

The NSPCC said it aimed to reach 6 million people a month with the GP practice scheme, which was prompted by calls from worried parents.

The helpline service will be manned by counsellors trained by Home Office experts to spot the warning signs of radicalisation so they can advise adults who are worried about a child being groomed.

An NSPCC spokesman said: ‘GP surgeries are a feature of all communities and see large numbers of diverse patients from a variety of backgrounds every day.’

They added: ’We have seen a wave of terrorist attacks in recent weeks and months and both parents and children tell us how frightened they are by what is happening. We are here for parents when they need our support and are able to provide them with non-judgemental advice on issues ranging from the wider terrorist threat to the dangers of radicalisation.’

Pulse revealed in 2014 that all practices had to appoint a counter-terrorism lead in order to apply for enhanced services as part of the NHS Standard Contract.

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Readers' comments (5)

  • True Jihad is showing people the amazing truth and guidance of the Quran
    Which is one book and is the key
    Your relationship with it.. Will determine your eternity
    It is described as THE CLEAR WARNING.. Nazeerun Mubeen

    It is like the contract which will be shown to settle disputes when people will claim ignorance when they are found guilty of disbelief

    The Quran can never be destroyed.
    It has been safe guarded in the hearts of the believers
    Allah awj promised to personally protect it from being manipulated like the previous sent scriptures
    With the original Arabic ..the same today as it was revealed

    See Surah 18... Last verses
    We shall present Hell on that day to the disbelievers.
    They were the ones who eyes were veiled to see my message,
    Nor could they hear...

    Scary verse..... Veiled by what? Lusts and desires
    Apologies if I digressed from the medical stuff

    War is only permitted against oppression and persecution
    In this country people are generally free to practice their religions
    So terrorism is unjustified in the name of religion

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  • you say 1 000 practices. Have any agreed to put this up?

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  • So, your local terrorist is siting in the waiting room to have his 3 day old cough sorted (Mum told her little boy to get to the doctors) when all of a sudden an anti -terrorism poster pops up on screen nestled between the details of the local GUM clinic and Vinnie Jones doing resuscitation, at which point he thinks; do you know what, now I've seen this poster, I don't think I'll join IS after all. BTW, I think it is possible to cover the entire walls of your waiting room merely by attaching the thousands of poster received each year from all and sundry

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  • Sorry, no place on my waiting room walls for another Charity advertisement.
    We've been plagued by leaflets from all quarters - both NHS and allied health services as well as private ones trying to sell care. NO more leaflets and especially those that may upset and antagonize patients who have enough worries as they sit waiting anxiously for a chat with the devil:)

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  • Bizarre poster.
    So subliminal that most will actually not get it.
    We need to be more direct if we want to inform/ intervene/ help with this.

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