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The waiting game

'Average GP earnings' at prominent GP's practice is £23k per year

The practice of Family Doctor Association chairman Dr Peter Swinyard has revealed that their mean GP earnings are only £22,884 per annum, according to the calculations set out by NHS England.

The website of the Phoenix surgery in Swindon adds this this is much less than a train driver, who ‘according to a Government website… would earn from £35,000-£60,000 per year.’

Dr Swinyard told Pulse that this number reflects the fact that ‘the amount of money coming into the practice is not enough to sustain the service we’re providing.’

GPs have had to publish their earnings since the end of March as a requirement of the 2015/16 contract.

Earnings are calculated based on contractual income from NHS England, CCGs and local authorities divided by the number of GPs working full- or part-time in the practice. 

Dr Swinyard suspects that many other practices will have found similarly low mean GP earnings, ‘if their accountants work them out for them in the correct way’.

‘If I hadn’t cashed in my NHS pension, I wouldn’t be able to survive on what the practice is making just now… And I haven’t actually been paid this year at all, there is no money, I have been living on my pension and my savings,’ Dr Swinyard added.

The Phoenix surgery website notes that ‘the prescribed method for calculating earnings is potentially misleading because it takes no account of how much time doctors spend working in the practice, and should not be used to form any judgement about GP earnings, nor to make any comparison with any other practice.’

Readers' comments (23)

  • Sorry Nabi.

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  • If they are smart they are pushing it out as rent (avoiding the declaration) to their own ltd company and dividending it to themselves at a lower tax rate.

    It could, of course, be true, or much less than they really receive in pay.

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  • "Anonymous | Sessional/Locum GP08 Apr 2016 11:57am

    @10:31 "The declaration on Dr Swinyard's website seems incomplete as it does not state how many full time, part time etc."

    Publishing information on working hours isn't mandatory, though. And while the figures are entirely meaningless without these figures, I don't have any great faith that they would be particularly meaningful even if such information was included.

    So seems to me it is entirely up to the practice in question whether or not they prefer also to reveal data on working hours."

    The hours is not mandatory but the regulations require that the statement says how many full time and part-time GPs are included in the calculation and in that, Dr Swinyard's website does not comply

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  • The Payments to Phoenix surgery Swindon, as recorded on the NHS payments database total

    £123.70 per weighted patient.

    Four listed Doctors (including one salaried):

    Probably more like 140K/yr FTE, don't know how many sessions they are working.

    The whole thing is a non-sense anyway, and They are probably worth more than that.

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  • I do not agree that you should have to publish earnings. But the calculations used here have to be 'slightly' out. Can't have staff earning more than the GP's.

    When the accountants have finished with my accounts, I have no idea how much I have earned.

    My business is incorporated and I take £8,000 in salary. This must be my income then.

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  • Peter Swinyard

    With regard to |Anonymous | Medical student|08 Apr 2016 9:15am, yes I do have my dignity. I find your comment offensive.
    I have declared exactly what the government has told us to declare.
    FYI, I had been working 2 clinical days a week (4 sessions, my partner 3 days (6 sessions) and my 2 salaried doctors 4 sessions and 6 sessions a week. My partner is now leaving and one of the salaried doctors has reduced to 1 day a week from 2.
    I am having to come out of retirement and work full time. I founded this practice in 1995 and am not a quitter, even in tough times.
    I also have the practice premises which are owned by me along with the mortgage. They would be unsaleable without a viable practice occupying them and you cannot do a sale and leaseback if no-one will sign the lease.
    No, this is not a great situation. I think it sucks.
    The best option for the practice is probably to amalgamate with a large group of practices for the future - possibly to the detriment of patients' access to continuity of care.
    But our political masters care little for patients and even less for doctors. We are nearly 4 years from the next election, after all, and it is unlikely that "the most GP-friendly Secretary of State ever" (his words to me) will still be in office by then.

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  • Dr swinyard is doing it for love. No money

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  • Who gets the £1,333,000

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  • Publish tax return like pm

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  • All this bickering amongst GPs here playing into the NHSE plans to destroy you from the inside. Mindless inconsistent data that somehow the GPC seems is "transparent".

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