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Weight management DES ‘fundamentally flawed’, says BMA in scathing statement

The new weight management DES is ‘fundamentally flawed’, both clinically

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NHS England announces £20m for new GP weight management DES

NHS England has announced £20m of new funding for a

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GPs don’t have to offer e-consultations ‘at all’, GP leaders stress

GP practices are ‘under no contractual obligation’ to offer e-consultations

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GPs respond to ‘tone deaf’ and ‘badly judged’ NHSE face-to-face order

The BMA and LMCs have issued fierce responses to NHS

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LMCs vote in favour of BMA continuing to negotiate GP contracts amid concerns

The UK LMCs conference has voted almost unanimously in favour

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Tight vote sees LMCs reject exploration of new GP contract models

In a tight vote, GP leaders have rejected a bid

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LMCs support individual practices being contracted for future Covid vaccine DES

The UK LMCs conference has voted in favour of individual

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PCNs can claim overtime pay from ARRS, NHS England says

NHS England has said that PCNs can claim reimbursement to

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GPs can refer asthma patients for spirometry to achieve QOF points, says BMA

Exclusive GPs can refer patients requiring spirometry for an asthma

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Some practices ‘could lose income’ as QOF flu payments move to PCN DES, GPs warn

GP leaders have warned some practices could lose income when

Four postponed PCN service specs starting in October ‘at the earliest’

The four new PCN service specifications due to be introduced

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Golden handshake scheme for new GP partners extended to physician associates

A scheme that offers £20,000 to healthcare professionals taking up

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