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Gold, incentives and meh

'Average GP earnings' at prominent GP's practice is £23k per year

The practice of Family Doctor Association chairman Dr Peter Swinyard has revealed that their mean GP earnings are only £22,884 per annum, according to the calculations set out by NHS England.

The website of the Phoenix surgery in Swindon adds this this is much less than a train driver, who ‘according to a Government website… would earn from £35,000-£60,000 per year.’

Dr Swinyard told Pulse that this number reflects the fact that ‘the amount of money coming into the practice is not enough to sustain the service we’re providing.’

GPs have had to publish their earnings since the end of March as a requirement of the 2015/16 contract.

Earnings are calculated based on contractual income from NHS England, CCGs and local authorities divided by the number of GPs working full- or part-time in the practice. 

Dr Swinyard suspects that many other practices will have found similarly low mean GP earnings, ‘if their accountants work them out for them in the correct way’.

‘If I hadn’t cashed in my NHS pension, I wouldn’t be able to survive on what the practice is making just now… And I haven’t actually been paid this year at all, there is no money, I have been living on my pension and my savings,’ Dr Swinyard added.

The Phoenix surgery website notes that ‘the prescribed method for calculating earnings is potentially misleading because it takes no account of how much time doctors spend working in the practice, and should not be used to form any judgement about GP earnings, nor to make any comparison with any other practice.’

Readers' comments (23)

  • This guy should work for Mossack-Fonseca.

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  • Get someone to sort the practice out

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  • why are they still in that partnership?

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  • Unbelievable.

    We're in April and Dr Swinyard claims he hasn't been paid this year???

    What the hell is going on here??? this doesn't make cant make sense....???

    How can this be possible without administrative incompetence?


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  • well I can believe it. I take home less now than I did 10 years ago, and I'm still on the computer at 00:30 looking through my Docman for today as I was 'duty doctor' today with 80 patient contacts and had no time for my own admin. If the docs all work 6 sessions and they have a number of registrars, and other docs in training its quite possible that the average remuneration is so poor. Don't see the media, patients or anyone else remotely interested in these published figures as doesn't make good story, Daily Mail prefers fat cat 100K docs, not the reality of s*** street state of GP in Hunt's NHS

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  • Does Dr Swinyard have any dignity?

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  • A few thoughts -

    The declaration on Dr Swinyard's website seems incomplete as it does not state how many full time, part time etc.

    If indeed Dr Swinyard has not been paid this year and is relying on pension and savings then he has my total and heartfelt sympathy. However if things have got that bad it is long overdue that you close the doors and face up to the fact that the business is dead. Not only should you never use personal funds to subsidise the NHS, you betray the whole GP community by hiding the true extent of the crisis from the public. So if the practice is not making any money for its owners, close it immediately.

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  • My accountant has worked out earnings according to the bizzare government guidelines around partners and salaried doctors and the result underestimates my income from my practice by over 50 k.In effect the figures are meaningless for which i am happy as i consider this an invasion of my privacy ,however suggesting that these levels of earnings are realistic is not helpful to GP recruitment and from a patients point of view looks like deliberate disinformation (but then polititians are experts in that field !)

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  • @10:31 "The declaration on Dr Swinyard's website seems incomplete as it does not state how many full time, part time etc."

    Publishing information on working hours isn't mandatory, though. And while the figures are entirely meaningless without these figures, I don't have any great faith that they would be particularly meaningful even if such information was included.

    So seems to me it is entirely up to the practice in question whether or not they prefer also to reveal data on working hours.

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  • It is profit per consultation that is crucial.
    We get 60 pounds profit per patient year. Average is 62 in NI.
    It is down 25% in 11 years from 80. Consultation has gone up from 3.76 to 6.18.
    So, 80/4 = 20, 60/6 = 10. That is a 50% pay cut. That is why we SHOULD/MUST resign from Mr Hunt's penance. Factor in 40% paper work and profit per consult is 6. Take home is 3.
    Don't ask about dignity. We GPs, and sadly our GPC have none. They have gongs, though.
    Reminds me of Nero.
    I just think this system so foul, I cannot wait for it to collapse.
    The only reason some GPs are still there is redundancy payments to staff may bankrupt them.
    Peverley, Copperfield, Nazi all cannot be wrong when the picture they paint is so awful.
    And it is. Maureen may say what she wishes, but a 50% paycut is not the best time to be a GP.

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