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GPs trusted more than any other profession

Almost nine out of ten people would put their trust in a GP, higher than for any other profession including judges, school teachers and police officers, a YouGov tracker poll has found.

In all, 87% of people said they trust a family doctor to tell the truth, compared with 79% for teachers, 73% for police officers on the local beat and 70% for judges.

Trust in GPs was up from the latest poll, carried out in July, when it stood at 86% and trust has remained high throughout the survey’s lifespan, with a low of 81% in 2013 and a high of 93% in 2003.

By contrast, politicians are faring badly in the opinion poll, with only around a fifth placing their trust in them. This month, 22% said they would expect Government politicians to speak the truth.

The poll asked people ‘how much do you trust the following to tell the truth?’, with the percentages reflecting how many responded either ‘a great deal’ or ‘a fair amount’:

  1. Family doctors (87%)
  2. School trachers (79%)
  3. Local police officers (73%)
  4. Judges (70%)
  5. Senior police officers (54%)
  6. People who run large charities (42%)
  7. My local MP (36%) / Journalists on upmarket newspapers (e.g. Times, Telegraph, Guardian) (36%)
  8. Trade union leaders (27%)
  9. Leading Labour politicians (23%) / People who run large companies (23%)
  10. Leading Conservative politicians (22%)
  11. Leading Liberal Democrat politicians (20%)
  12. Journalists on ‘mid-market’ newspapers (e.g. Daily Mail, Express) (16%)
  13. Journalists on ‘red-top’ tabloid newspapers (e.g. Sun, Mirror) (8%)


Readers' comments (16)

  • GPs visibly and vocally backing junior docs in their plight would be a great boon to their cause then...people panic about getting the public on side of doctors, but if it's a profession with 87% trust vs. 22% trust, I think that anxiety is unfounded.

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  • We are trusted this much and still they want to destroy us.Once we are gone the politicians will move one place up the chart I suppose !

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  • This has been a consistent finding in similar surveys for decades. GPs top the list, with other public service workers who play a role in individual people's lives up there beside them and politicians and journalists at the bottom of the pile.

    Maybe that's why politicians and journalists get such a kick out of slagging off GPs (and hospital doctors, and teachers, and front line police workers). Looks like it isn't achieving the aim of alienating people's trust in us. People are judging by their personal experience instead.

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  • Bob Hodges

    Most trusted : Most complained about.

    Square that circle if you will.

    Big Yellow Taxi.

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  • You can trust someone and still treat them with contempt, undervalue them and want them to work themselves into the ground for your benefit.

    I couldn't care less whether they trust us anymore - they question is do I trust them to value us and the NHS? The answer, from voting in this government, is a resounding No.

    Ive given the benefit of the doubt to the 'great' British public for too long, but no longer. I've walked and won't be coming back,

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  • Vinci Ho

    We are the moaning ba***rd according to the politicians and bureaucrats but we are most trustworthy .
    Come on folks , DON'T STOP MOANING.

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  • Beacuse we are suckers!
    Realized this when I asked a patient who had put in a complaint.
    I said to him, 'I arranged an admission for you, gave you a letter to hospital doctor and dialled 999 to transport you to SAU. You declined transport and said your daughter would take you. But, you did not go. So why compalin against me when things have gone wrong?'
    The guy looked at me with a wry grin and responded -'That's what GPs are for, ain't they?
    And my premium is up by 8000 - Thrilled to be most trusted !

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  • Incomplete sentence.Should read:most trusted than any other profession to roll over.

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  • GPs may be the most trusted, but they are also some of the worst treated;

    In the UK they are the dumping ground for all of societies problems.

    "go and see your GP" is a standard response from anyone who wishes to pass the buck these days.

    My old trainer once said to me that in general practice it was like a patient coming to you with "a bag of shit that they empty onto your desk and then say to you, Dr sort this out:

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  • 9:03 agree. Psychologist said to me, people will come and vomit their problems over you. Try to dodge the vomit and then just calmly clear it up before the next one comes in.

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