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Map: Occupational health service provision for GPs across the UK

Use our interactive map to see how GPs’ access to occupational health services varies across the UK.

Read the news story here: Internal NHS England review reveals stark variation in occupational health support for burnt-out GPs

Source: Data released under the Freedom of Information Act by NHS England, with additional reporting by Christian Duffin and Bethan Enyon.


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  • This an extremly serious issue. I was ill with burn out for 11 months. Thankfully my Occ Health were supportive and my GP was god sent. I worked as a salaried GP but the people who could be least bothered were the business partner and the partners at the practice. Unfortunately, the work is so much and as GP's we accept all that is asked of us. This is something which has to be dealt at the government level.

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  • I disagree. The workload issue is now so serious that we, the GPs, need to deal with it. To me, it is unacceptable that so many doctors are depressed, demoralised and close to burn out, 43 % !!.
    Our system needs overhauled. We may have to resign from the NHS completely as the demands from the DOH are beyond health and safety and we have imposed Contracts ! a logical impossibility.
    We can sell our services back like dentists, legal aid or management consultants. But this time it will be per consultation and per hour. No more imposed contracts, reneged pensions and bullying.
    In any case, the pensions issue alone should be a resignation matter as it discriminates against us , GPs specifically as opposed to large groups like MPs, senior civil servants, judges etc who are also publicly funded but have no draconian pension changes.
    It is time the GPC understands that its softly, softly approach has left a completely demotivated workforce. It really is time to leave the NHS. Or are we prepared to stay and accept every brick thrown at us, both in pay and conditions?

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  • The real question we need to ask ourselves is ' Why do so many doctors need OH?' What are the issues and what can we as a profession do about it. I understand we are a vocation and it is wonderful to look after the folks who need us, BUT how can we do this if we are unwell ourselves.
    What will it take for that famous aphorism ' Physician, heal thyself' ?

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