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GPs go forth

Public would support tax rises to help fund NHS

More than half of people in England, Scotland and Wales would back an increase in National Insurance to help fund the NHS, new research suggests.

In a survey conducted by YouGov, 20,000 participants were asked whether they would support increasing the basic rate of National Insurance from 12% to 13% and using the money raised to increase NHS spending.

They were also asked whether they would support increasing the basic rate of income tax from 20% to 21% to help fund the NHS.

Of those asked, over 50% backed increasing National Insurance, with the strongest support coming from the South West and the lowest from London.

Support for increasing the basic rate of income tax was less strong, with 48% in agreement.

The NHS Confederation, which represents organisations across the healthcare system, wrote to chancellor Philip Hammond in October urging him to revisit the spending plans for both the NHS and social care with the view that £4bn a year will be required just to sustain the NHS in England for each of the next two years.

Confederation chief executive Niall Dickson said: ‘It is up to government how it raises funds for public services, but these figures clearly show not only that the public across the UK supports more resources for the NHS, but that they are willing to pay more tax to bring that about.

‘The case for more money for both health and social care has been made and it is overwhelming.’

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Readers' comments (6)


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  • Why not allow those people to top up their nhs allowance? Or are people only happy to spend other prople’s Money?

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  • Cobblers

    Same old, same old. Survey suggests people would pay more for X Y Z.

    No they won't.

    Might there be an alternate way? The money the raised taxes might steal off me might I be allowed to keep and decide for myself what I would do with it? I am likely to make better decisions for me when spending on my own health. Might I see my GP privately or save up a year or two and get my hip done?

    And because if it is taken from me I can see it being p!ssed up the wall like the other tax pounds currently being taken. Wasted.

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  • David Banner

    OUTSIDE polling booth........
    "Of course I'm happy to see my taxes rise to support the NHS"

    INSIDE polling booth.....
    "Screw that, I'm voting Tory"

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  • Unless we curb demand, increase patient responsibility,, tackle no win no-fee lawyers - more money will simply get swallowed up

    Money is needed for staff pay rises - but any amount of money will never be enough

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  • AlanAlmond

    Far better to have an honest discussion about levels of demand and try and do something to reduce this. People consult with their GP far too much ...consultation levels have increased year on year and are not affordable. Stop the unrelenting march towards the consumerism of health care. Stop telling people they have a right to access to an expensive Dr 24/7 for any trivia that comes to mind. Stop encouraging people to complain when they don’t get what they want rather than what they need. We have a limited budget to spend on health care ...stop lying to people that there is no limit to what they can have. Charge people a nominal fee to see their GP. Don’t pretend healthy 20 to 30 something’s who are too busy at work to book an appointment that their taxes somehow cover an unnecessary Skype consultation to discuss their IBS. Teach children simple health related self reliance in school . Encourage people to see themselves as living in interconnected society with responsibilites, not just entitlements. In short encourage the population to grow up and behave like their grandparents did, rather then encouraging them to behave like an over indulged bunch of inadequates unable to deal with a simple cold without booking an appointment with a Dr. Only then could we ever hope to be able to afford a publicly financed health care system.
    Alas this isn’t going to happen. We are all too pathetic and selfish to end up with anything less than me me me private health care. We’ll never be able to pay enough tax to fund all the wants of the current over indulged demanding clueless Briton.

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