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In full: NHS England and DH on why GPs should be given a 1% funding uplift

Read the DDRB evidence for 2015/16 submitted by NHS England and the Department of Health, which recommends GPs should be given a funding uplift of 1%

Click here to read NHS England’s evidence

Click here to read the Department of Health evidence


Readers' comments (3)

  • Secure environments GP

    No surprises, more divide and conquer. When are they going to realise the 1% funds small businesses trying to deliver safe and high quality care for the NHS patients (=voters)?

    Expenses have skyrocketed and years of cuts are the reality. Low morale and burnout, practices at risk of closure, some GPs cannot make ends meet with practice finances (& their own personal finances) and have heard some partners not having drawings for months.
    What is this nonsense that GPs are personally going to get a 1% pay rise? Pigs are flying around Westminster and The Daily Mail Offices....

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  • Facts are as follows.
    10 years ago, after the new Contract, we were getting £80 profit per patient year for 4 consultations, on average.
    Today, in spite of QOF, LES,DES,flu vaccines and all the other extra work, we get £60 for 6 consults profit per patient year.
    That is a DIRECT 50 % reduction in fee per consult, from £20 to £ 10 per consult. If we now factor in 40% paperwork, NIC,Pension and tax, our take home pay per consult has fallen from £6 to £ 2.40, a 60% reduction per any item of work.
    My accountant did these figures, because like all the rest of the GPs, we just work harder for less and less, while the GPC just sits on its hands and says - Your GP cares. WOW! How wonderful is that.
    Since we won't work for nothing, no matter how altruistic we are, it is time to resign from the NHS.
    £ 2.40 take home pay per consultation is an insult, which we should not take anymore.

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  • GPs profile: High grades to seek admission in a medical school, 5 undergraduate and 5 postgraduate training followed by a job as NHS GP, getting £2.40 take home salary per consultation.
    Undergoing appraisals, revalidation etc
    Profession must wake up to this and do something about it, can BMA play a part? GPs must unite, seek public support countering government's propaganda against them, plan and act

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