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In full: NHS England proposals for urgent care

NHS England is due to consult NHS staff and patients about the provision of emergency and out-of-hours care. Read the full documentation here.

NHS England is due to consult NHS staff and patients about the provision of emergency and out-of-hours care.

Click here to read the evidence base that has come out of Sir Bruce Keogh’s urgent care review

Click here to read the objectives and proposals for the urgent care consultation

Readers' comments (7)

  • Within a state run system choice and multiple points of entry both detract from the planning and are a sop to middle and upper classes who barely use the service.The NHS is and should be principally for the poor ,the disadvantaged and under privileged . We have allowed private contractors to come in and expensively cock up out of hours and we have un-educated the population in how to use an emergency service .I'm not keen to take back out of hours at any price but it naturally sits within a primary care remit much as out of hours in secondary care should not be contracted by a non NHS provider
    The only way to deal with the inexorable rise in demand is to be much more honest about what we can and should deliver and much more strategic in our thinking about how we contract this
    i despair of the labour party who should be supporting us . It is akin the end of animal farm - and im not sure i can tell the difference between man and pig anymore either .

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  • I am rather worried about the "one size fits all" modelling and instant solutions re access. If it was all this easy we would have been doing it. We had some work done by the Primary Care fOundation which runs rather contrary to some of the solutions. What fits inner cities may not fit rural practice. A top down solution rather reminds me that's how Darzi centres started life, what credit do they get? And 111?. GP led solutions may not be brilliant but we have all tried to manage demand and work as effectively as we can for a while.

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  • P.s. has anyone read this carefully. We are being set up for 7 day availability for advice , e mails and access as "your GP Practice"

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  • The report has not looked into the poor communication between consultants and GPs and between primary care and secondary care.

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  • If implemented I will definitely resign

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  • Can hospitals cope with the number of gp admissions on a weekend or evening if we are all open. I think not!! Hospitals also operate on reduced numbers at these times. The whole NHS would have to operate the same service 24/7 for this to work and that would cost a whole lot of money...

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  • One solution would be for GP's to take it back with a fair uplift to their contracts, ie what should be their allocation that currently goes to out of hours providers. they could then then either deliver themselves if working from a large practice or contract out via a consortium arrangement via several practices, whilst directly managing the contracts and ensuring services are of a high quality and locally delivered. paying cost per patient seen in OOHs could also mean, those practices with good access, pt education etc with low use pay less for the service than others with poor access and large OOH uptake. This has to be better than what happens in North Lincs whereby the Some practices have poor OOH provision with clients having to make a 40 mile round trip to access care and where GPs have no say, to date in improving provision.

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