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Pulse Live 2013: Professor Malcolm Grant answers your questions

Pulse Live 2013: Professor Malcolm Grant answers your questions

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  • Could you talk to other patient leaders please and let them know what I'm about I represent a fantastic opportunity for them to improve their personal circumstances

    My theory is not bound by geography

    Im contacting yourself in this instance about partnering I'm based in Northumberland UK and I think a good way to introduce myself and what I'm about is to introduce you to a character called Wu Ming

    What's interesting in Wu Ming's case in terms of Social Role Valorisation is he in modern western society would be considered narcoleptic and learning disabled however it is unlikely that particular stigma was relevant in his case

    The fact I am talking about him is testimony to the fact he was successful!

    By emulating behaviors of a dominant social strata he is considered blessed his basic understanding a sounding board to the monks own beliefs and insight as he is heralded as a leader in his field

    A wise decision that won the day

    and who later wanders off to become a benign village idiot and perhaps the origin of the perpetual child myth not to mention The Emperor's new clothes

    the monks even use enlightened scientific management and give him a job pickling vegetables a task critical to the temples survival

    In any other role perhaps he would of been viewed as a "disabled" or what ever work ethic term was relevant for disruptive monk

    see link for source material

    The notion that my strategic models are clever when only observed by clever strategists and therefore the fundamental truth of my work is that it is the work of an idiot is a seductive and malicious ideology a little self reassurance as I introduce new approaches to problem solving

    The inherent problem solving skill is not a reflection of the tools validity just as a hammer is only a hammer no matter who you hit over the head with it

    Being good at sudoku does not undermine the puzzle!

    I am a vulnerable adult with mental health needs who is a director in pre-start up of a not for profit organisation as permitted work under Employment Support Allowance

    A self employment intervention utilising business function to off set risk of exploitation and rough trade to high functioning vulnerable adults such as myself as we take ownership of our experiences, the data they produce and the processes which govern them

    Could you please point me in the right direction as to who would be best to explore co-developmental deliveries as I am on the look out for new associate directors

    if you have the chance please take time to read my Facebook page I've outlined a reform to strategic delivery I believe this co-developmental methodology will go along way to off set disparity within equality streams whilst it is reasonable to positively discriminate and appoint a wheel chair user as representative participation in strategic delivery when it comes to the Poor Performers something else is happening in the compact

    Mental Health Needs and Learning Disabilities are paid in tea and biscuits!

    Equality Duty has become a duty to exploit and has created a new socio-economic migrants a subclass which is openly prejudiced against each time I encounter this I think of Wu Ming

    Kind Regards
    Mr David Steven Twist
    Self Help Start Up Ltd

    me·me·o·sis. noun \ˌmē-mē-ˈō-səs\. Definition of MEMEOSIS. : a process in which learning changes learning context

    A critical understanding in experiential learning

    A new field in English language

    Experiential English

    You can acquire all the information in the world and still learn nothing

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    A new disability paradigm

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  • I'm sorry: could you reissue this video with the sound audible?
    The quality of the sound prevents me (normal hearing) from having any chance of hearing the interview - although I did think I heard something along the lines of "I'm (only?)a lawyer"...

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  • I have checked the sound and can't see any problem with the quality or volume - I would recommend opening the video in another browser and see if that helps at all

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